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Ohio Registered Agents

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent, otherwise known as a statutory agent, is a business with a physical location in Ohio who is responsible for accepting legal notices on your behalf. Your registered agent is required to be available and present during normal business hours.

Am I supposed to have a registered agent?

In Ohio, every business is required to nominate a registered agent. In addition, the Ohio Secretary of State calls for an official street address on record where your agent can be reached during typical business hours. Starting a new enterprise in the state of Ohio can be a complicated process. It’s vital that you fill in a hodgepodge of legal forms and documents. At Registered Agent Services, Inc., we can assist your business by taking care of your statutory agent services.

What types of businesses are required to have an Ohio Registered Agent?

An LLC in Ohio, foreign LLC, a corporation in Ohio, a foreign corporation, a non-profit organization or corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, or any other Ohio enterprise is required to have a registered agent in Ohio and an Ohio registered office on file.

How can having a registered agent help my company?

First and foremost, having our registered agent service keeps your business in compliance with state law. Moreover, we accept delivery of and scan any service of process, legal notice, annual report, or letter received into your online account locally in Ohio. You receive instant notice of any paperwork scanned into your Ohio resident agent customer account.

As an additional Ohio registered agent service, we also track your Ohio annual report due date and send you prompts with how-to links to submit your paperwork in a timely manner with the Ohio Secretary of State.

Are there any restrictions or requirements I should know about my registered agent?

There are few requirements about who can act as your registered agent in Ohio. Specifically, the entity or person acting as your registered agent must be located and available at a physical street address within the state of Ohio during typical business hours. They will be responsible to receive all legal and tax-related documents, annual report forms, litigation (service of process) documents, etc., for you. It is crucial that you choose a solid company, like Registered Agent Services, Inc. when choosing your Ohio registered agent.