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National Registered Agents

National Registered Agent Service For $125 a Year

We provide national registered agents services for $125.00 a year, by Registered Agent Services, Inc.  We are not a big National Registered Agent, but we feel we provide a personalized level of service that can’t be beat.

We upload ALL items received locally into your online account immediately.

We charge one rate for all the “bells and whistles” other National Registered Agents charge extra for. For $125 a year you are our Premium client.

With Registered Agent Services, Inc. as your national registered agent, you receive timely email reminders for report dates that are due with the States you need. You can also manage your calendar in your online account, and most importantly the service of process and legal notices.

Test us and see! If you got served in every state first thing in the morning, within hours you’ll have immediate access to the full Scan of the document in your online account from every state. We can email up to 5 people and your attorney of certain types of documents. You’ll be able to easily track and see the dates of your documents in your online account. Best of all, you won’t incur additional fees for our services. We charge $125.00 a year per State and that’s it.

Other national registered agents charge one fee. However, when you read the fine print, you realize that they charge you $12.50 to $35.00 each time you receive something. Not to mention that it takes anywhere from two to five days to receive it. With us, there is no fine print, just trust, and our dedication to you to give you the best service possible. So now ask yourself, what are you truly getting with your national registered agent service?

You can add state(s) and companies instantly in your online account. In your online account, you’ll have access to all the pre-populated forms and filing instructions for whatever State(s) you have registered agent service for.

You can manage thousands of companies all from one screen and see everything in an organized way.

If you shop around, you’ll find that we provide a lot for what we do. We don’t up-sell anything. We don’t have different packages. We don’t have weird terminology or “Services” that cost you more. We just provide an easy way for you to manage your business in as many states as you need.

When you call in, you’ll immediately be talking to one of our paralegals. We don’t have a sales team. The people who answer the phone are all in our main corporate headquarter office in Whitefish, Montana, and we all are here to help you, not sell you something.

If you’re looking for a different kind of National Registered Agent experience, please sign up today or give us a call. You’ll have everything you need immediately after signing up for registered agent service.

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